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Nourishment Trio

Halal Goodies

Nourishment Trio

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Nourish your body, mind and soul with this lovely combination of products. It could be a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones. Here's what this treasure house contains:

Yemeni Sidr Honey - 250 Gms  (Brand - Farahs Garden)

  • Oozing with sweet tasting magic
  • A wonder of the Middle East for centuries

"Reclaim your heart" Book (Author - Yasmin Mogahed) 

  • Reclaim Your Heart is about freeing the heart from this slavery. It will awaken the heart and provide a new perspective on love, loss, happiness, and pain.
  • It will teach you how to live in this life without allowing life to own you. It is a manual of how to protect your most prized possession: the heart. 
  • It is a book about redemption, about hope, about renewal and finding your own awakening moment. And then returning to the better, truer, freer version of yourself.

    Sister's Magazine (Sister's Media Ltd)

    • Uplifting, inspiring, and enlightening reflections, tips, and stories

    • Articles are from ome of the best writers, journalists, halal foodies, environmentalists, life coaches, Islamic clothing designers, and artists in today’s ummah.

    • SISTERS helps you to be the best Muslimah you can be – from the inside out. Alhamdulillah, a real treat for the mind. 

      A framed A5 size Islamic Artwork (Brand - Me Muslima)

      • A beautiful artwork in printed format
      • Featuring jewels from Quran and Hadith
      • Lovely pastel colors
      • Printed on thick art card 

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