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Box Reviews

It has been such an exciting month for us at Halal Goodies! Mays Signature Unboxing- and our very FIRST Signature box- was full of love, delight and so many surprises. Alhamdulillah! We had the pleasure of engaging with many sisters who absolutely adored each and every product.

The love is simply too much to contain, so we thought we would share the special moments from our favorites.

You can also take a peek at our left over signature boxes here!

May-Signature-Unboxing-Highlights. Click through to read all the special moments!

Halal Goodies Unboxing

Naturally, we were delighted when Na’ima B. Roberts from Sisters Magazine released the very first unboxing video for Halal Goodies! Her energy is contagious, and you can her the joy in her voice as she explores each and every goodie. We love how gently she inspected each product, and by the end of the video we can feel that she has been uplifted, and excited to indulge in much deserved acts of self love!

It was also a pleasure to know that the Sisters team was able to nibble on the Amelia Rope Chocolate- Pale Rose edition, masha Allah!

The Gift of Self Love

We were so excited to hear how much sister Hafsa from Inspired and Fabulous absolutely adored her box of Halal Goodies! It was so touching to read her post and indulge in her gorgeous photos. We just love how special and beautiful it made her feel! We chose our favorite parts of her review, and you can read the rest here.

Sister Hafsa also wrote a gorgeous article for us on Self Love. You can read it here. 

“I felt so special to open this box of mine and delve into all the magical components – 


Over a few days I dipped in and out of this box like a little girl playing and assorting her collection of toys. I took a deep sniff, carefully unpackaged a few boxes,  soaked in all the aromatic fragrances,  nibbled on creamy chocolate, wrapped it back up, gently closed the lid and continued with my day. I’d do this numerous times in a day because it felt so special opening up and exploring this bundle of natural, luxurious selection of goodies.

Over a few days I dipped in and out of this box like a little girl playing and assorting her…CLICK TO TWEET


My favourite item from this month’s box? Hands down the Wild Heart’s Organic Aroma Candle – I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. this candle – I can’t stop sniffing it ? It has such a beautiful blend of over 20 essential oils, 100% natural and free from toxic chemicals that are released with conventional candles. It makes my heart sing knowing that I can pamper and nurture myself without compromising my health. (hello happy hormones + glowing skin!)”

Halal Goodies Subscription Box

Sister Fatima from BlogsbyFA also wrote such a cute review- we especially loved how little fingers were even excited to discover what Halal Goodies May Signature Box was hiding inside! We love how she appreciated the smallest of details, like the handwritten Jazak Allah card. You can read the read of her post here

“It was a Wednesday afternoon when I finally received my very first Halal Goodies luxury box in the post. 

Halal Goodies BFA 4

There was excitement in the house and I was all smiley! Even BabyN’ seemed eager to open it and started using his tiny fingers to open it through a small hole in the plastic wrap at the back of the box.I had already started loving my first Halal Goodies box. Won’t just any woman fall for it?

On opening the box, it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by a pastel pink thank you note. And it smelled ah-may-zing! I really like personalized notes or things as they are very close to my heart. Even at home, I have several personalized things because it adds a super sweet touch. “

Love yourself, The Halal Way

Sister Samina from Ayeina provided a beautiful piece of art work for the May Signature Box, and also had the chance to review one for herself, masha Allah! She posted such a lovely review with gentle reminders on how to love yourself the Halal way without sacrificing the love you have for others. You can read her review here.

“It came as a reminder at the right time. Your body has a right on you! Usually, you ignore buying such things because you think you are too busy to use them but receiving the box made me realize that I need to take out moments from my day to use them. Finding time won’t ever work. The time is NOW.

May Signature box review by Ayeina!

The box targets all of your senses. The sense of sight (with an art print designed by us and not to mention the beautiful packaging), the sense of smell (with an aromatic candle (and literally everything)), the sense of taste (with a yummy chocolate) and the sense of touch (with everything from handmade soaps to body butter, from cleanser to organic creams, from hair/hand wash to a lip balm).

Ayeina was featured in our May Signature Box

It takes the strongest muscle in your body to show such love. But like all muscles, the more you’ll use it, the stronger it will get inshaaAllah.”

The Self Love Movement is growing!

The overwhelming positive vibes we received during Mays Signature Unboxing left us ready to do MORE.We won’t stop at the monthly box, because giving sisters what they need- confidence, love, nourishment- is truly a blessing. Look forward to many more Halal Goodies to come, in shaa Allah!

What was your favorite moment from the unboxing highlights? Did you love the Unboxing video from Na’ima, or fall in love with sister Hafsa and her jubilation? Share with us your favorite way to #LoveYourself #CelebrateHalal 


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