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With Eid Al Adha right around the corner, Alhamdulillah, another season of gifting has come upon us! Sister Sainab shares her love for gifting beautiful gifts and how being selfless can enhance ones own feeling of self worth and beauty, masha Allah! 

It’s definitely that time again. Gifting season! With Eid Al Adha being this month we Muslims go into our wonderful celebratory mode. It’s exciting in every way. From the good food we eat to all the wonderful family and friends we go and see. What makes Eid that little bit more special for me though, is exchanging gifts. I’ll be honest with you guys, as much as I love receiving gifts, giving them always makes me feel a little bit more excited!

Sometimes we find ourselves over giving. So much so that we lose joy in simple, beautiful acts like giving gifts! Sanaib talks about how we can embody selflessness by giving gifts! Click through to benefit, in shaa Allah!

 The Joy of the Gifted Person

Anyone with me? Or am I the only one who loves the excitement and joy a person gets after you have gifted them with a lovely present. I love the smile that grows on a person’s face after you have told them you have bought them something. And when they find out it’s something they’ve always wanted, it fills my heart with joy! It’s just that feeling of knowing you have added something to this person’s life that they will actually love.

And whatever it is you have given them, it will always remind them of you.

I’d say the best way to really get someone to remember you in a positive way is to get them a thoughtful gift. That way the person will think of you every time they use what you’ve given them. A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just something you know they will like. I love gifts that last.

I was at my mother’s house just the other day and noticed one of the decorations she had on her shelf. It was a lovely unexpected Eid gift I had received from a friend of mine during school who I have now lost contact with. Although I haven’t spoken to her in years, it left a positive feeling in my heart about her and I even went onto telling my husband about how much of a wonderful person she was. It just reminds you of them even if you haven’t thought of them in years!

The Excitement of Opening a Gift

One thing I have always loved about Eid is gifting children. Children are so innocent and they literally wear their hearts on their sleeves. During previous Eid’s, when I have gifted my little cousin’s, Niece and Nephews with gift’s, their reactions have been so memorable. Their little feet jump up and down from just being told about their gift, their wonderful smiles as you hand them the gift. Then the unwrapping begins.

Ripping open the beautifully wrapped packaging which took you all night to perfectly wrap, and throwing it to the side, just to reach the wonderful prize that lays beneath. The wonderful prize that will make their whole day that little bit more special because of your thoughtful gift.


Once inside, your gift is finally revealed and it’s that toy they have been nagging everyone they know to buy them for the last few months. You seem to be the only Aunt who took note of how much they really wanted it and even went that extra mile to get the special edition. Screams of laughter and joy come spilling out of their little mouths as they lift it up like a trophy.

Now imagine the joy you feel for making someone feel so happy. So happy over a gift you may not have even thought was significant. Then the happiness you feel for reminding them they are special to you. Knowing you have made their day, week or even month through just a gift. But best of all, they’ll always remember you as the person who bought them that particular gift.  The one they really wanted.

Gifts You Could Give

Now I probably wouldn’t open the gift to the same excitement as a child would just because I don’t want to look crazy in front of my givers eyes. One thing that does happen though is I always remember the person for how thoughtful they were for even thinking about me.

Sometimes an expensive present isn’t an option for everyone so there are always other options and other ways of making someone feel special. Imagine giving something that you have made. Breaking the bank won’t even come into question and that way you can put all of your energy into perfecting it so that particular person would remember it as, not just something you bought, but as something you have worked on.

Or how about cooking them something? As a wife I am usually the one cooking in my household so as a gift, say my Husband had planned and prepared a nice meal for me, it would make my day as not only would it show how much he’s thinking of me, it would also give me a little bit of extra time to put my feet up.

So tell us, when is the last time you felt special by giving someone the gift that they always wanted? Please share, we would love to experience that joy with you, masha Allah!


About the Author

Sainab is a Wife and a Mother who recently started her hobby for blogging. As well as writing about home interior and fashion, she also co-founded Barakah London with her Sister. It’s a Fashion line they started a few years back where they hand-make Abayas for personal clients. You can find her sharing her experiences on home, life and love on her blog, Step Inside My Handbag,  and follow her on Instagram.

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