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The only thing we need to truly flourish as loving wives, incredible mothers, passionate women and inspiring entrepreneurs is by loving ourselves. Do you want to be the best mama in the world? Do you dream of establishing your own business? Is writing a book on your bucket list? Does the thought of performing hajj every year light you up?

Learn 3 ways to nourish your self love vessel. Take care of yourself and be beautiful inside and out. Click through to read.

Whatever your heart yearns, whatever your soul desires, you must first fill yourself up, you must nourish your self love vessel, in order to give wholeheartedly to your family, your dreams, ambitions, community and sisterhood. Without a healthy foundation of self-love, nothing will feel complete.  You can throw yourself into the world but without self-love you’ll come back depleted of soul. And as you go about your dreams and ambitions, day-by-day that light within will begin to dimmer.

That’s why self-love matters.

I’ve seen too many women, give, give and give, only to be left empty handed. I’ve seen too many women crave love and attention from other people, only to destroy themselves in the process. That’s why self-love is crucial. I’ve listed 3 powerful ways to amp up your self-love vessel. These incredible ways can drastically change your life – especially when embodied on a daily basis. Let’s dive right in!

1) Own Your Body

Recently I attended a live women’s only event and one female speaker really struck a cord with me.  She was incredibly magnetic. She had this aura of deep, inner confidence, overflowing with self-love and bursting with self-acceptance. Here’s the thing – she wasn’t a size 6. She wasn’t the size of your average model or even the size of what’s considered normal.

But she was fiercely glowing.

Because she was at ease with her body. Flaws and all. She was fully present, wholeheartedly present in her body.

There is something so magnetic about a woman who is fully present within her body. A woman who isn’t afraid of her body. A woman who isn’t tearing her body apart with mean girl chatter ‘ugh my thighs are so big’ or ‘my stomach is sticking out’.

When you feel into every cell of your body – it’s powerful.

When you’re pouring and radiating self-love from your heart centre – the people around you are so magnetised by your energy that they aren’t even focusing on your ‘flaws’ because you aren’t either.

That’s the power of self-love.

2) Do Something For You Daily

If you want to grow your business, you need to work at it daily. If you want to tone your body, you need to be moving your tush daily :)  If you want to learn Arabic, you need to practise it in your day-to-day life. Self-love is no different.

To amp up your self-love muscle, you need to practise it daily.

The beautiful thing about self-love is that it’s so unique to the individual. Every woman can practise a little self-love in her day.

Maybe it’s a flick of mascara, lighting up a soya wax candle, applying a cleansing clay mask or making a green kale juice! All those little things – seemingly unimportant nourish you. They all add up in allowing you to show up as the best mama, loving wife and blazing entrepreneur in this world.

Would you like to gift yourself a bit of self love? Have a peek at our shop and find something beautiful!

3) Master Your Inner Mean Girl

The quickest way to feel awful and dampen your inner light is by engaging with your inner meal girl. How does our inner mean girl (ego) affect us?

– we become obsessed with the stories in our mind

– we over analyse everything and become critical of every move

– we let every comment and expression effect us

– we become attached to past and hold false hopes

– we’re constantly on the look out for approval of others

– our happiness and peace rests on the actions of others

It breaks my heart to read the list above. My eyes swell up in tears when I think of the self-destruction that we put ourselves through. We treat ourselves worse that our most hated enemy. Some of the things that women say to themselves – it breaks my heart because you wouldn’t dare say that out loud to anybody else.

A huge part of self-love is quietening down that voice in our minds. It’s gently closing the door and coming back to the present moment.  It’s gently releasing the attachment to the stories in our mind. Every time the thought pops up, acknowledge it and gently let it go. Do not engage with the story. Trying to figure out ‘what she/he/they said’ will only keep you stuck in the never-ending cycle.

Without self-love you can be the most righteous woman in this world, yet a simple test from Allah will shatter you into pieces. You can have all the luxuries in the world – yet you’ll hang onto people’s approval and attention to fill that void within. Which of the 3 powerful ways will you be implementing self-love into your life? Share your thoughts and insights into the comments below.

About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams.

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