Finest Brands
Carefully curated, our entire range is brimming with beauty and exuberance. We take care to select independent makers who are passionate about goods that contain natural, organic, and pure ingredients.
Guaranteed Halal
We virtually put every brand under a microscope to ensure they all comply with halal guidelines. We are not just after a halal stamp – but we go much beyond that until we are fully satisfied. So, indulge with total confidence.
Big Vision
With life’s chaotic pace and its rollercoaster of ups and downs,  it is easy to compromise. Our products, services and content  are aligned with a bold vision – to inspire you to live life to its fullest and make it a masterpiece. You deserve it.

What is Halal Goodies?

Every Muslimah is special. But life’s pressures sometimes make it hard for us to live to our full potential. As a child we all dream big but as we grow up, we learn that we must compromise. As the years go by we loosen our grip on the beautiful life that we assumed was ours to hold in our hands. As women, we work hard for all those around us, putting those we love first, making sure our loved ones walk their paths with ease, often forgetting about ourselves. Halal Goodies was born to stop this pattern and help you dream big again, and to help you remember your Self.

In our busy lives we can often neglect the fundamental priorities that give us our strength, our beauty and our sense of place in this world: the Spirit, the Self and our general health and wellbeing. These fundamentals allow us to achieve in our careers and business, inspire us to place beauty in our homes and our living spaces, feed the energy we give to our loved ones, and provide us with direction for our hobbies and overall development in life. When we neglect those three fundamentals, we quickly experience the consequences: fatigue, aches and pains, irritability, restlessness and often sadness.

At Halal Goodies, we want to keep in step with you along your life’s journey. Our products calm and restore the Spirit, nourish the Self and heal your overall health, so that you can resume your journey with confidence, beauty and strength. Our services and content aim to keep you inspired, providing daily reminders to you to take care of your Self and to love life. Because when you are filled with love and beauty, you have so much more to give to the world around you.

We understand that the journey towards a beautiful life can be a long one, but it is a worthwhile one. This is exactly why we started Halal Goodies and Insha Allah, we hope to serve you well.

Our Speciality

We go the extra mile to make lovely product combinations

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