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Finest Halal Products for Muslim Women

Luxury Halal Products for Muslim Women

Take the time to love yourself - coz it's the little things that really matter


Handpicked Halal Beauty, Islamic Home Decor, Modest Fashion and More

Carefully curated to exhibit premium-quality halal products, our entire range is brimming with beauty and exuberance. We take care to select independent makers who are passionate about hand-crafting goods that contain natural, organic, and pure ingredients.

Our Vision

We indeed focus on products, yet our big vision revolves around the idea of self-love. An emphasis on the value of looking after ourselves. Trust us to make you feel amazing everyday. All that we offer is packed with nothing less than love, to give you a well-deserved dose of happiness.

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Monthly Subscription
One of the easiest way to try our beautiful product range is to subscribe to our box of the month offer. The products in this box are some of the very best and we include items that are essential skin care needs every month. Additionally you will find some nice little inclusions that are delightful & will bring a cheer to your face. Give it a try. We are sure you will be delighted.
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for little hearts
While our main goal is to inspire sisters to love themselves and experience the joy Halal Goodies has to offer, we cannot forget the indescribable pain children in war-torn countries suffer on a daily basis.

Being blessed with a safe environment, we have the luxury to unwind and de-stress; but imagine the plight of these children, whose hearts see and feel sorrow daily.

By donating a portion of the sale of each box to the children of Madaya through Muslim Hands UK, we pray we can contribute to bringing them moments of happiness and serenity, and spread love and hope to little hearts.
Get Pampered at home
We also offer home pampering parties - just get your friends together and indulge
(clicking link will open a website dedicated for pampering services)
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